2017 contest registration now open

Summarize a story in a few snapshots. Tell about coffee in all its forms through images of people, items and places. This is the aim of the fourth edition of Fuori Fuoco, international photography contest promoted by Caffè Moak in collaboration with Archinet.

The claim “photo + heart” featuring the entire communication invites participants to “take pictures with the heart”. It is an invitation to use the camera as if it was an emphatic tool of consciousness, in order to close the gap between oneself and the represented subject, because – reality is – there are no spectators in life. Coffee can obviously be interpreted as one wishes (plant, seed, drink, public establishment, colour, etc.)

The contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers. All they have to do is narrate a story or develop a photo essay with a sequence of three images in landscape or portrait format. Deadline to send works is September 18th, 2017.

The panel of judges including photographers, designers and journalists will be revealed within announcement deadline. They will decide the five best works that will play for the podium.

The winners of Fuori Fuoco 2017 will be announced and awarded with prize money during the prize-giving evening held in Modica on November 18th. Betty Senatore, speaker of Radio Capital, will be, once again, queen of the stage. Caffè Moak will spread and promote all chosen pictures throughout the world through exhibitions, events or advertising campaigns.

 Fuori Fuoco 2017

Fuori Fuoco 2017

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