Summarize a story in a few snapshots.
Tell about coffee in all its forms,
through people, items and places.
This is the aim of the Moak Fuori Fuoco
2019 edition contest.


Summarize a story in a few snapshots.
Tell about coffee through people, items
and places.
This is the aim of Moak's Fuori Fuoco
2018 edition contest.



1st Place

Fernando Zaccaria
“Semiosis caffè pittografico”


“In my travels I have always brought with me a small moka pot that I have meticulously used in the full tradition of an Italian coffee culture. The Italian coffee preparation and the instrument used, became a “ritual” of interaction. Due to the thermodynamics, the moka has registered the coffee stains in the wear scratches, which today reveal themselves as meaningful images of our history. The pictures are three out of eight facets of the moka, photographed without any alteration. The thermodynamic act (the coffee brewed in the moka) creates the marks: accidental signs, freed from human action, dramatically impressed on the plate. The Human being, the physiological and symbolic animal is chased by them. It is his glory, his burden. Once read, they grow the enigma, the mystery of an ancestral and omnipresent pictographic coffee”.

2nd Place

Salvatore Zito
“Recall eterne icone”


Coffee and Photography as powerful icons of yore. From the coffee pot for Turkish coffee, to the Neapolitan one, till the current moka. The still life’s sequence shows a visual-temporal path that both subjects, coffee and photography, travel along together in a mutual reference of symbols and allusions. The lightning is evocative of the historic avant-gardes of photography that have influenced the taste and style of current generations in visual artists.

3rd place

Alberto Schettino
“La danza degli aromi”


The taste of a day that begins, the invitation to a break between known and unknown faces, while the fervor of the day is all around. It is one of the most loved fragrance that captivates us in a whirlwind of dancing emotions, a bit like its aroma that overwhelms and enlivens everything!

Annalisa Ferrari


Coffee? How often do you pronounce this word to invite someone. Coffee is not just a hot drink with an intense aroma but it is much more: it is a medium to meet old and new friends, it is a way to get to know each other better, it is a way to get back together but also to start new relationships. Coffee is a moment that connects.

Alessio Barilari
“Il mattino ha il caffè in bocca”


Paraphrasing an italian popular idiom that says “Il mattino ha l’oro in bocca” (“the early bird catches the worm”), the author wants to emphasize the structural strength of coffee as a fuel for the beginning of the day for many people. A café, understood as a physical space, is by nature a spot where the life of a neighborhood is gathered and takes place, is an aggregation or relaxation,leisure or study, point. After all, coffee is a democratic drink, accessible to everyone, from any social background and for any purpose.

The final


The Award Soiree

On October 27th the winners of Caffè Letterario and Fuori Fuoco Moak, contests that reward the best writers and photographers, were announced. The soiree, hosted by Betty Senatore, speaker of Radio Capital, was held inside the Moak’s plant, amidst the scent of roasted coffee, entertainment and talents. Special guests “The Marinetti Sisters”, the vocal swing folk song trio, which brought the audience back to the thirties.

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