First place

Cristina Fontana



The author reinterprets coffee in its three stages (bean, ground coffee, drink), connecting them to three steps leading to RE_BIRTH: sensuality (picture 1), gestation (picture 2), new live, daybreak (picture 3).

Motivation of the jury

The author managed to tell a linear story dedicated to coffee with accurate elegance. She set up a fascinating photographic sequence featuring a concise and highly symbolic language.


Photographer from Verona, born in 1974. She graduated in psychology; since 200, she’s been working on a research project in the field of fine art macro photography. The forms she takes pictures of start from daily-life elements chosen by criteria of “interesting randomness”, and then refer to other, more metaphorical realities. In 2013, she took part in the EISA Maestro 2013 Marco & Close-Up contest and ranked first at national level.