Second place

Samuele Pepe

“TOSTATURA 120 BPM”(Roasting 120 BPM)


The consumption of coffee, its addiction, the fact that subjects at “risk” continuously drown themselves in it, is deep-seated in our culture as well as in our head. Through the photographic medium, with this project, the author analyses himself and how the effect of coffee act upon his mind. Everything is reduced into three high points: preparation – consumption – explosion.

Motivation of the jury

He chose a visionary language that turns abstraction into an emotional story. The illusory technical error manages shape the sequence, providing the very effective fluctuating jumble with a body.


Student at the Academy of fine arts in Rome, aged 23, from Zagarolo (Rome). He’s been dedicating himself to photography and painting as an autodidact. He went from street photography to photojournalism, dealing also with personal outdoor projects, taking inspiration from Dadaism and surrealism.