Third place

Mario Scrimieri

la storia di un caffè, in un caffè… (a coffee story within a coffee…)


A coffee story within a coffee… A way to tell and represent the sharp contrasts of evolution a coffee undergoes in its cup when expressed. The aim of this section is to enhance the three most common stages – from the moment it is served to when it is being drunk – which constantly change its aspect, its colours and its consistency. The last stage only leaves a trace of its passage that turned into taste!

Motivation of the jury

The key words distinguishing this project are: transparency, balances, details. With remarkable technical skills, the author managed to assemble a story that is able to decline actions and feelings connected to coffee.


Born in Galatina (Lecce) in 1990. He is a goldsmith and developed a passion for photography thanks to his job, where he tried to reproduce, with a snapshot, the brilliance and glossiness of the jewels he makes. Then, he tried his hand at photographing something else: macro, landscapes and still life are the kind of genres he prefers.