3rd place

Andrea Rosselli

Moka (Istruzioni d’uso)
- Fill the boiler (1) with cold water up to the level of the safety valve. - Insert the funnel filter (2) into the boiler (1). - Fill the funnel filter (2) with ground coffee, without pressing it down, taking care not to leave coffee powder on the rim of the coffee pot. - Screw the collector (3) to the boiler (1) and close it firmly. - Place the coffee pot on the heat source. - When the collector (3) is filled with coffee, remove the coffee pot from the heat source. - Remove it from the heat source once the coffee has been brewed.
Motivations of the jury
For the ability of narrative synthesis that manages to condense the daily ritual of coffee into just 3 images, and for being able to modulate with irony the abstraction of a still life that is only apparently simple and banal.
Diego Papagna 2nd place