1st place

Fernando Zaccaria

Semiosis Caffè Pittografico
In my travels I have always brought with me a small moka pot that I have meticulously used in the full tradition of an Italian coffee culture. The Italian coffee preparation and the instrument used, became a “ritual” of interaction. Due to the thermodynamics, the moka has registered the coffee stains in the wear scratches, which today reveal themselves as meaningful images of our history. The pictures are three out of eight facets of the moka, photographed without any alteration. The thermodynamic act (the coffee brewed in the moka) creates the marks: accidental signs, freed from human action, dramatically impressed on the plate. The Human being, the physiological and symbolic animal is chased by them. It is his glory, his burden. Once read, they grow the enigma, the mystery of an ancestral and omnipresent pictographic coffee.
Motivations of the jury
The flow of time and the bustle of a lifetime told through the traces of coffee left in the scratchings of a coffee-maker’s walls. A pictorial approach that opens up new reality’s interpretations.
Salvatore Zito 2nd place